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As part of GCK’s multi-year test programme of drivers, car components and team towards achieving the Group’s vision, 2022 will see Guerlain Chicherit return to the arduous long-distance event in a 400bhp strong, off-road beast powered by biofuel, the GCK Thunder.

Biofuel presents one of the most environmentally friendly solutions available today, and ahead of the hydrogen-powered GCK e-Blast H2's debut in 2023, it's the most sustainable fuel source to take on the Dakar in 2022 with. This move facilitated Guerlain’s return together with the hugely experienced Alex Winocq as co-driver. The two made headlines in 2015 during one of the most dramatic Dakar Rally stages, which saw them both rise from the ashes of a burned-out buggy to rebuild the vehicle and finish the stage successfully. Having also battled the punishing terrain together in 2016, the pair has been working on joining forces again ever since.


I’ve made no secret of my passion for Dakar and my desire to return to racing it. It has underpinned a huge number of decisions of GCK Motorsport over the last few years and everyone who knows me, knows how hard it has been to be patient and wait to come back when the time is right.

The development programme that we’ve now launched as GCK Motorsport and the work we’re doing alongside the ASO in support of reducing the event’s environmental impact makes me super excited to return.

I believe the Dakar Rally is the biggest challenge an athlete and a team can possibly face together, and to do so successfully is a long-distance race in itself. I’m ready and can’t wait to take on this next challenge.”, Chicherit added.



The GCK Thunder is a 400bhp strong, off-road beast powered by biofuel.

Biofuel presents one of the most environmentally friendly solutions available today and will allow GCK to race the 2022 Dakar Rally to test the team and key car components.

Tech specs

  • Chassis: tubulare / Carbon Body

  • Suspension: Double wishbone / 3-way adjustable dampers / 2 dampers per wheel / Hydraulics Bumpstop

  • Suspension travel: 460 mm

  • Brakes: 4 pistons Alcon Caliper / Iron Disk and pads

  • Steering: Hydraulic power steering

  • Length: 4512 mm

  • Width: 2200 mm

  • Height : 1800 mm

  • Weight: 1580kg

  • Wheelbase: 3000 mm

  • Engine: 3.5L V Twin Turbo

  • Max power: 400 hp

  • Max torque: 600 Nm

  • Gearbox: 6 speed sequential / Top speed 180 Km/h



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