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Having recently unveiled its electric GCK e-Blast 1, a cross-country rallying car which will pave the way for GCK Motorsport’s vision of a hydrogen rallying solution, GCK Motorsport is happy to confirm that Dutchman Kevin Abbring will be driving the new build as it takes on the Dakar terrain in Neom, Saudi Arabia, in January 2021. 


Having joined GCK's FIA World Rallycross Championship programme in 2020 as a development driver, Kevin has been working closely with GCK Motorsport across all of its racing programmes since and has already spent some time behind the wheel of the GCK e-Blast 1 throughout its early testing phases in France.


Kevin started his motorsport career at the age of 14. After winning multiple junior championships in rallycross, he got picked up and supported by the Dutch motorsport federation to launch his rally career and became the youngest J-WRC event winner in his second-year racing. 


He won European 2WD championships with Renault as well as Peugeot and won the French Gravel Championship 2WD with a Citroen run by Philippe Bugalski. 


He is now Holland’s most successful rally driver with European and World championship event victories for VW-Motorsport, Peugeot Sport and Hyundai Motorsport. 


On debuting GCK Motorsport’s latest and most visionary project in Neom on the trails of the world’s most challenging race, the Dakar Rally, Kevin commented: “I’m really committed to GCK’s journey and vision to create a sustainable future in motorsport. It’s a topic close to my heart and to see GCK go above and beyond in finding solutions that will not only impact one race team or a single Championship but can support the entire industry is very inspiring. The GCK e-Blast 1 is a beast of a car - just without the fumes. The drivability is quite similar to other electric vehicles in that it is really smooth and reactive. So apart from the fact that this car has been made for a different terrain, it actually drives like a Tesla - just a lot quicker. The GCK e-Blast 1 is made for dunes and really rough terrain and you can certainly tell by the suspension and the sheer size of the car, which is important as we’ll be facing rocks the size of chairs and driving across them. I’m super excited to be behind the wheel as we explore Saudi Arabian terrain with it and test its capabilities to the limit.”


Eric Boudot, CEO of GCK, added: “It’s great to have Kevin be part of this project, which really sets the tone for the future of GCK Motorsport. Kevin has been a great asset throughout the testing process so far and his feedback has enabled us to adapt the weighting and balance ahead of the GCK e-Blast 1’s debut in Saudi Arabia. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can achieve in it when exploring Neom’s surroundings.”

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