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GCK Motorsport is a professional motorsport team that combines cutting-edge car design, the latest in technological developments and incredible brand marketing value, supported by some of the biggest names in the industry to work towards a sustainable future.

Inspired to create something different, innovative and of exceptional quality, GCK was founded by former freeskiing Champion and motorsport athlete Guerlain Chicherit in 2017.


By 2020, GCK had grown to become Green Corp Konnection, an ecosystem of companies at the forefront of the sustainable energy revolution across energy production, energy storage and e-mobility.


GCK Motorsport is at the core of the Green Corp Konnection ecosystem – combining technology, innovation and a passion for motorsport to provide the ideal platform for sustainable transformation.

Having pioneered its GCK Goes Green movement in 2018 in the FIA World Rallycross paddock, GCK Motorsport's investment into green solutions has grown to include e-mobility, energy production, storage and delivery across paddock structures and vehicles through GCK Energy, and the production of e-restomods through GCK Exclusiv-e.

GCK is here to change the rules – in the paddock, on the track and amongst its fans! #ChangingTheRules

Our vision is to combine our passion for motorsport and the environment to create sustainable solutions that will assist the industry in its transformation. To deliver motorsport teams of tomorrow that break the mould, push the boundaries and lead the pack with their fresh, innovative approach and winning ability, whether in the paddock or on the track.

In support of our commitment to future technology and long-term vision for a more sustainable future, we are committed to switching all our racing projects to green energy only, whatever the propulsion mode, hydrogen or fully electric powered. As such, and while hydrogen-powered solutions are still under development, GCK Motorsport will only be competing in electric motorsport Championships from 2021 onwards.

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Having first introduced the alternative energy installation produced in collaboration with our partner IBS at the first European round of the Championship in Barcelona 2019, the team structure is now running 100% autonomously on renewable energy.
We use renewable energy for all energy sources, including the tools around our race cars like welder, air compressor and battery charger, and also for our heating, light, our motorhomes, trucks, refrigerators, catering and technical equipment.


We have created a solar energy system that includes solar panels on our trucks and rooftop and a bespoke solar energy storage system in collaboration with our partner IBS to produce around 160 KWh of renewable energy to power us through the weekend.



A UK home uses on average around 3700 KWH a year, so every weekend, GCK’s green solution produces enough energy to power your entire home for more than two weeks.



To be completely autonomous, providing a renewable energy source within and to the paddock. #ChangingTheRules


For more information, please contact: nini.miko@rootsltd.com

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GCK has taken on the operation of Charade Circuit in France and is managing its transformation towards renewable energies and sustainable mobility.


GCK Energy delivers mobile green energy solutions to power events, e-mobility and sustainable building projects.

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GCK Exclusiv-e uses new-age quality materials to further enhance iconic classic cars  while integrating the latest e-mobility technologies.

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