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DAKAR 2021

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GCK Motorsport joined the world-renowned Dakar Rally in 2021 at its NEOM stage to present the GCK e-Blast 1, the first step in its multi-year cross-country project to develop the first cross-country hybrid vehicle powered by both battery and hydrogen.


Fully electric and boasting a top speed of 180kmh and max torque of 1000 Nm, the GCK e-Blast 1 was put through its paces in the diverse and challenging environment around NEOM ahead of the 2021 Dakar Rally’s arrival.

The future GCK e-Blast H2 will be an evolution of the e-Blast 1. With the e-Blast 1 currently delivering 250 kilowatts, the work will initially focus on optimising the electric motor to allow it to reach 300kW.


Meanwhile, the capacity of the battery pack will be reduced from 150kWh to 60kWh with a new cooling system being integrated to allow for quicker charging of the car.


In parallel, GCK decided to join forces with FEV – a leading engineering supplier globally - to design, develop and integrate its own high - performance fuel cell system, specific to this project, which will be powered by 25kg of 700-bar hydrogen stored in tailor-made tanks and will deliver 120kW of energy.

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Known as the world’s most challenging long-distance rally event, it comes as no surprise that GCK Motorsport focuses its efforts to develop innovative solutions for the motorsport industry on the Dakar Rally.

GCK will return to Dakar in 2022 two-ways: Founder Guerlain Chicherit has announced his plans to return to racing the arduous long-distance event in a 340bhp strong, off-road beast powered by bioethanol, the GCK Thunder, as part of a multi-year test programme of drivers, car components and team towards achieving the Group’s vision. In parallel, GCK will also showcase the first developments on its e-Blast H2 project.


GCK Motorsport will also make their green racing technology available commercially to other teams attempting the long-distance rally and shared GCK’s vision in being part of the global green energy transition.




GCK Motorsport produced a bespoke electric powertrain and battery-pack specific to cross-country rallying.

Integrated into the chassis that won Dakar Rally in 2018 and further developing it to produce 250 Kw, the equivalent of 340 hp, with battery power of 150 Kwh to achieve a top speed of 180kmh and max torque of 1000 Nm, the GCK e-Blast 1 provides the perfect platform to drive further technological advancement in long-distance rallying.

The future GCK e-Blast H2 will be an evolution of the e-Blast 1.


2021 e-Blast 1
Tech specs

Chassis: tubulare / Carbon Body

Suspension: Double wishbone / 3-way adjustable dampers / 2 dampers per wheel / Hydraulics Bumpstop

Suspension travel: 460 mm


Brakes: 4 pistons Alcon Caliper / Iron Disk and pads


Steering: Electrical power steering


Length: 4512 mm

Width: 2400 mm

Height : 1800 mm


Weight: 2300kg


Wheelbase: 3200 mm

Engine: 1 engine in the rear


Max power: 250 Kw / 340 hp


Max torque: 1000 Nm

Gearbox: 2 speed gearbox / Paddle shift / Top speed 180 Km/h


Battery: Total capacity 150 Kwh



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