The toughest race as a test bed for new technologies

GCK Motorsport is working on the development and integration of efficient and ecological technologies. And what better terrain than the Dakar to experiment and test a hydrogen car?

The roadmap of this ambitious programme starts with a methodical learning curve of the discipline through the commitment of a leading 4×4 running on biofuel (Prodrive Hunter; 2022-2024). It will be followed by the implementation of a hydrogen-powered laboratory buggy (GCK e-Blast H2; 2024), and then several participations with a vehicle able of fighting for victory (2025-2027).

2023-2024 | Biofuel

Guerlain Chicherit and Alex Winocq will take part in all rounds of the 2023 World Rally-Raid Championship as well as the 2024 Dakar in a Prodrive Hunter.

The turbocharged V6-powered 4×4 is powered by the sustainable biofuel made from agricultural waste that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 80% compared to traditional petrol.

Throughout the programme, GCK Motorsport's engineers and technicians are in constant contact with those of Prodrivein order to learn and collect data that will later be valuable in the GCK H2 programme, whose ambition - in the long term - is none other than to win the Dakar Rally with a hydrogen-powered vehicle.

Eblast GCK Motorsport

2024-2027 | Hydrogen

In January 2024, quadri amputee adventurer Philippe Croizon will be the first man to take part in the Dakar in a hydrogen-powered competition vehicle entered by GCK Motorsport.

  • The 30 kg of hydrogen will be compressed to 700 bar in four R134 certified tanks.
  • The gas will be converted into electricity using a 200 kW fuel cell developed in collaboration with FEV.
  • This energy will be stored momentarily in an innovative immersion battery, developed by GCK Battery, et parcourue par un fluide Motul.
  • The electric engine will have two speeds and will be able to develop 320 kW of power, the equivalent of 430 hp.

Guerlain Chicherit at the Dakar

  • 2005 : Land Rover Bowler – 49ème
  • 2006 : BMW X3 CC – 9ème
  • 2007 : BMW X3 CC – abandon
  • 2009 : BMW X3 CC – 9ème
  • 2010 : BMW X3 CC – 5ème
  • 2011 : Mini All4 – abandon
  • 2013 : Buggy SMG – 8ème
  • 2014 : Chevrolet EVR VX101 – abandon
  • 2015 : Buggy X-Raid – 45ème
  • 2016 : Buggy X-Raid – abandon
  • 2022 : GCK Thunder – abandon