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  • GCK Motorsport shares development update as they take their hydrogen-powered vehicle another step closer to Dakar 2024

  • First look visuals of GCK’s 2024 e-Blast H2 vehicle revealed


The ground-breaking work towards integrating hydrogen in motorsport and making cross-country rallying greener is taking another leap, as GCK Motorsport releases first-look visuals of its 2024 e-Blast H2 cross-country racer a year after being the first team to announce its participation in the 2023/24 Dakar Rally with a hydrogen vehicle.

GCK Motorsport’s latest visual renderings bring the team’s 2024 hydrogen-powered incarnation closer to the realms of reality, demonstrating the evolution of its long-term development plans.

Work behind the scenes has been ongoing with the wider Group’s (Green Corp Konnection) design office and engineering team supported by 21 experts from FEV, a leading global engineering provider, to design, build and integrate the fuel cell system into GCK Motorsport’s current cross-country prototype. The team will present a first evolution of this vehicle at the 2022 Dakar Rally with the final look visual being ready for 2024. 

This program is part of GCK Motorsport’s parent-company’s global strategy: Green Corp Konnection uses cross-country as a lab for innovation to test its fuel cell system and powertrain in the toughest conditions before they can be integrated into vehicles in the context of its retrofit activity.


The newly revealed visuals of GCK Motorsport’s 2024 e-Blast H2 model boast an all-new custom chassis design, combining slick curves and aggressive straight lines to sculpt a versatile and resilient shell to house the proprietary GCK fuel cell and hydrogen tanks.


The e-Blast H2 carries number 36, synonymous with French driver and head of GCK Guerlain Chicherit, with the bold and brash GCK orange colour scheme interrupted by pale blue accents giving a nod to the innovative hydrogen fuel cell system itself.

“The new visuals mark a key milestone in the journey to 2024 and the progress to a greener future in cross-country motorsport and beyond. The innovations behind the e-Blast H2 are a driving force to help scale up the efforts of green technology across motorsport and industrial sectors alike. This is another piece in a very large puzzle, and I’m excited to see how the finished vehicle will look. I really look forward to being able to test this future vehicle which perfectly reflects our project philosophy combining green technology, performance and design!” Guerlain Chicherit, President of Green Corp Konnection, commented.  

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