GCK Motorsport’s GCK Thunder has taken another step on the road to Dakar 2022, testing the cross-country vehicle powered by biofuel in its new livery created by Emeric de la Cour, as picked in a competition chosen by the public in a bid to celebrate the arts and further design talent.

The GCK Thunder’s livery includes references to the changing Tignes Glacier topography, bringing to life GCK’s focus on alternative fuels to counter the effects of climate change. The livery also took inspiration from the desert landscape that the GCK Thunder will be tearing through, taking into account the lines and textures to reflect the rugged terrain.

Speaking with de la Cour, driver and owner of Green Corp Konnection Guerlain Chicherit applauded the automotive designer on his use of design elements that connect the project to Tignes, GCK’s birthplace and Chicherit’s hometown: “I love the story and the fact it comes from Tignes, the glacier. It gives more weight to the history of this project - thanks to all those that voted for this well chosen livery winner.

Hear more about how the new livery was designed and the inspiration behind it in the video below, and check out more images at the bottom of the page!

GCK Thunder new livery
GCK Thunder new livery
GCK Thunder new livery
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