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Marklund leads GCK Bilstein to 5th place at opening round of the 2020 FIA World Rallycross Championship

Anton Marklund put down a fantastic performance at the first round of the 2020 the FIA World Rallycross Championship today leading GCK Bilstein through a nail-bitingly emotional day to finish in 5th overall.


The season kicked off at the world-famous rallycross track in Holjes, Sweden behind closed doors but the lack of his home crowd cheering him on didn’t deter Marklund too much as he put down 3 strong qualifiers to show off the GCK Megane R.S. RX consistently competitive pace and strong performance for a p3 overall going into the semi-finals.


Having taken the checkered flag in his first, second, and even his third qualifier despite some technical issues from lap 3 onwards, Marklund bagged a well-deserved spot on the front row of the first semi-final.

Fighting his way through a lot of contact in the first corner, Marklund and Larsson put down a fierce battle for 3rd. Marklund crossed the finish line in 4th but a post-race stewards’ decision put him back into the running for a podium spot.


Following a torrential downpour, the final saw even fiercer race action than the semi with Marklund managing to race his way from row 3 into P3 into the first corner, a position he managed to retain to cross the finish line in 3rd. However, this time it’s Marklund’s turn to be on the receiving end of a post-race time penalty by the stewards and GCK Bilstein is dropped into 5th overall.




Q1 P5 / Q2 P2 / Q3 P4 / SEMI-FINAL P3
“I’m really really happy with the weekend overall because the work that GCK and Bilstein have put in over the weekend is really paying off. We can see the pace is very good, all the way from Free Practice 2 to the very ends, so I’m really proud of all the work they’ve done. Of course, it was a bit of a roller coaster towards the end of the day but I have to say that I’m just really happy with our performance today and I’m not too worried - I think we have a good shot at taking home some trophies tomorrow instead.”, Marklund commented.


2020 Developments on the GCK Mégane R.S. RX

What have the team been up to during an off-season that has felt like an eternity? Good question, and the answer is: A LOT!


We asked Anton Marklund to give us a sneak peek into some of the main developments we've been working on in the GCK Mégane R.S. RX, and give us his thoughts ahead of the 2020 season kicking off.   

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