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Over the last two weeks we ran a competition across GCK Motorsport's social media where people had the opportunity to design the livery for our GCK Thunder at the 2022 Dakar Rally - as well as winning €10,000, a ridealong in the car and much more!


We had dozens of high quality entries from designers, agencies and fans, and over 5000 votes were cast by our followers to make Em de la Cour our overall winner with this awesome design (above)!


Guerlain Chicherit: "Recent months have been so difficult for the art world, so it was important for me to support all the great talent around us with this opportunity. Big thanks to everyone who took part, and congratulations to Emeric for winning - I'm stoked to see his design come to life!"

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Have you always wanted a chance to see a livery design of your dreams race on a world stage? It's no secret that Guerlain is a big fan of unique and thought-provoking designs, having worked with numerous designers on his chalets through the years. It's been a tough year for artists and we want to do our bit in shining a light on the talent out there! 


We're giving you the opportunity to have a go at coming up with our 2022 GCK Thunder design for the 2022 Dakar Rally!


If your design idea ends up being our 2022 livery, you will receive 10,000€ in prize money, your signature will get full visibility on the car, our website and social media channels will post about your project, and you'll be invited to a test day to meet Guerlain and have a ridealong in the GCK Thunder! 

All you need to do to enter is download one or both of the blank design sheets below, get creative and share your ideas on your social channels by 1st June - remember to tag GCK Motorsport (@gckmotorsport) to be eligible to win!


The GCK Thunder is one step on GCK's journey to building a solution for the energy transition in motorsport and with GCK Motorsport making our Dakar Rally debut next January, living by the mantra #ChangingTheRules, we thought the perfect way to kickstart our Dakar adventures would be with a fresh, exciting design from our amazing community. We look forward to seeing them all, good luck! 

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