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True to his commitment to preserving the environment, Guerlain CHICHERIT is delighted to announce the launch of GREEN CORP KONNECTION (GCK), an ecosystem of industrial companies at the forefront of the energy revolution across mobility and green energy supply.


Co-founder of GREEN CORP KONNECTION, Eric BOUDOT, has been appointed CEO and will be supported by a team of established professionals in their disciplines: Sébastien de CHAUNAC will lead the marketing, communication and partnerships division, Vincent LALLEMAND the industrial division, and Gilles ROCCHIA the operational division of the group’s subsidiary GCK Energy.


This organization will enable GCK to accelerate its growth from its foundation of 5 pillars:

  • GCK Energy, which provides and develops green mobile power solutions;

  • GCK Motorsport, which will replace GC KOMPETITION effective January 1, 2021;

  • GCK Industry, the group’s industrial arm, which includes GCK Exclusiv-e, the brand which will electrify classic cars into ‘e-restomods’ as announced last May;

  • GCK Technology, the group’s technology arm, which includes Fors Technologies led by Stéphane ORRÉ and GCK’s participation in IBS, a company which designs and manufactures lithium-ion batteries;

  • GCK’s latest venture, more of which will be revealed soon!


While more details on each of these entities will be shared over the coming weeks, GREEN CORP KONNECTION is proud to present today its new visual and graphic identity.

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Green Corp Konnection

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