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Q: Why an electric car for cross-country?

A: The journey to greener solutions in mobility has come a long way in recent years. Short, sharp racing has already successfully been showcased with electric motors, and so has the adaptation to usage of the electric cars by the general public. The issue is still the long-distance capabilities. We feel that the future of long-distance racing (and industrial adoption) will be an electric-hydrogen hybrid.


Q: If the future is hydrogen, why invest into testing electric now?

A: We see our future cross-country solution to be an evolution of the e-Blast 1, a hybrid powered both by battery and hydrogen. However, the future can’t be reached without significant work in the present and the GCK e-Blast 1 is vital in laying the foundations for a cross-country car that will see the light in 2-3 years. There’s a huge amount of development work, gathering of data, optimisation of software and actual creation of the right fuel cells involved to create a change-making solution of the future.


Q: What is the main focus now and what work will follow?

A: The e-Blast 1 currently delivers 250 kilowatts. Our work will initially focus on optimising the electric motor to allow it to reach 300kW. Meanwhile, the capacity of the battery pack will be reduced from 150kWh to 60kWh with a new cooling system being integrated to allow for quicker charging of the car. In parallel, we’re working on a fuel cell specifically developed for this project, which will be powered by 25kg of 700-bar hydrogen stored in tailor-made tanks and will deliver 120kW of energy.


Q: How can motorsport assist in achieving a greener future?

A: Motorsport is a great vehicle to communicate and share our vision in an emotive way. However, it also serves as a source of constant development of tomorrow's technologies and accelerates the transition to future energy solutions, this being even more true In the crucial energy transition our planet Is currently facing.


Q: Does this mean GCK won’t be focussing on racing anymore but only on tech development?

A: Racing is a hugely important part of motorsport. No matter what you’re trying to achieve and create, there’s no better way to test innovation, material and needs for further development than in the heat and pressure of a racing environment. We’re definitely keen to race if the purpose and vision of the event aligns with our values and allows us to further develop technology and performance that challenges and creates positive change. We’ve already aligned ourselves with some Championships that work towards a greener future.


Q: What role does GCK Energy play within Green Corp Konnection’s vision?

A: GCK Energy is a key connecting point within the Green Corp Konnection ecosystem. It provides customized, clean, mobile energy storage and distribution solutions, with or without grid connection to events and projects of any size. More so, GCK Energy provides detailed measurements and helps balance and optimise the energy grid based on energy usage and demand. Whether sporting events or vehicles, GCK Energy offers data, storage and distribution solutions that help facilitate the green energy transition.

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